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Applications for the Mac and iPhone/iPod/iPad


JOutliner Desktop

An outliner for organizing your life on the Mac. Create hierarchical lists that are collapsible at all levels to manage any project; whether it be a todo, task, or grocery list. Attach a note to any line item. Change a line font style, color, or size for more emphasis. Lines can inherit attributes from a parent item, from the outline, or from the application settings.

Sync with JOutliner mobile down to the line level in each outline. This is a two-way sync: changes from the desktop are copied to the iPhone and iPhone changes are copied to the desktop.

Watch the end of the video below for a demonstration of syncing between the iPhone and the Desktop

View the manual that is included in the application's help.


JOutliner Mobile

The mobile version of JOutliner for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Move rows by dragging them instead of using buttons. All screens support portrait and landscape mode.

Sync with JOutliner running on other iOS devices and the Mac Desktop

View the manual that is included in the application's help. Follow along with the quick start guide to get familiar with the main features

Watch the following JOutliner iPhone video showing the main features including syncing with the JOutliner Desktop.


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